LAMITROOF is here to offer you the best of both the worlds: an eclectic blend of old world charm and cutting-edge technology. Even as we strive to preserve the good old traditions of the craft, special efforts are undertaken to manufacture LAMITROOF using state-of-the-art research and methodologies.
What are on offer from our stable are decorative clays of different shades and colors. The breathtaking aesthetics apart, you get durable materials for your dream home project.
Our constant effort is to remain focused on eco-friendly and sustainable homes. Our endeavor always remains focused towards this goal by making homes an irrevocable condition and cost-efficient.
Our focus on sustainability is perfectly blended with our long-lasting commitment to provide artistically appealing roofs and tiles. For example, solid colors are used primarily as pans (the bottom tile) that would perfectly match to the caps chosen for the project.
You might have fallen in love with Italian/Spanish/Chinese/ French traditional villages either by personal visits or through pictures. We are here to make your dream come true by putting the classic clay barrel roofing on your home and making it a cynosure of eyes in your neighborhood.
We have at our disposal clay roofing experts who specialize in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and French roof tiles. They are adept at the art of searching and giving you the best quality tiles that will provide durability for many years to come.


Our LAMITROOF experts can give you precise guidance on the differences in local flavors and coloring and varying styles. We have at our disposal different pieces of various barrel styles. When you plan your roof, the experts at LAMITROOF will be at your doorsteps, giving you sensible advices on what terracotta color will blend and shapes of tile that might best suit your custom-build home.


It is a fact that we have a variety of designs for your dream home. But we are also aware that not everyone can go with our wide varieties of designs and options. In case you are unable to afford our options or our patterns don't suit your tastes and preferences, you can go for our Designer LAMITROOF.

Designer LAMITROOF roof tiles offer a wide variety of colors and styles at attractive prices. Our roof tiles are available in a variety of different colors to give the authentic look of a 200- year-old Italian roof tile. You also have the option of mix-and-match which ensures an antique look to your home. And they will outlive everything else in your home!


LAMITROOF are manufactured from clay as organic as the ground we walk on. Our roof tiles are classy but we ensure that they are manufactured by keeping the old-world charm of the Greek and Roman culture. We have been able to retain this old world charm due to the simple fact that the roof tiles' functionality didn't need any kind of improving.

The age-old tradition of manufacturing roof tiles has changed little over the past so many centuries. Their functionalities continue to remain the same and the tiles are tailored to withstand extreme weather conditions, and weather deterioration by chemicals, pollutants, etc.

LAMITROOF provides a shelter for your family that is durable and solacing to your mind. If you are concerned with your family's welfare and wellbeing, a good roof is the way to go. And what is more satisfying than LAMITROOF ?


Our professional staff will explain to you the features of tiles from Italy, Spain, China and France, giving you greater access to our vast global network of tiles and the option of assessing our vast offerings based on the following parameters:

1. Craft - the shape of the tile i.e., curvature, barrel height, flat shape, etc.
2. Colour - from the reds of Italian clay, to the tans of French province, and the golds of Spain
3. Cost - Let LAMITROOF experts assess your project by assessing all the parameters and suggest you're the most appropriate tiles.
4. Environmental aspects - We always use eco-friendly materials for manufacturing
5. Materials - Sourced from anywhere in the world

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We ensure

LAMITROOF's expert professionals are also available to give expert advice to your roofer, or refer you to a roofer. Our deep knowledge in and domain expertise means that we can give genuine advices to clients, designers, engineers and contractors on layout, best construction techniques from all over the world, etc.
Comes in a variety of tones and variety of sizes and shapes, LAMITROOF is here to make your dream home become a reality that would reflect your true aspirations, ambitions and personality.
We ensure seamless connection and interaction between the client, architect, designer, artisan and the builder. Each project becomes successful by sensing the needs and aspirations of each one of them.
LAMITROOF has so many years of experience in striking a fine balance between design with construction needs, which ensure that your dream becomes a reality on time and without burning a big hole in your pocket. We are very particular in bringing out your most personal preferences and styles and incorporating them into your dream home.


At LAMITROOF, we believe that it is our job, not yours, to make your dream home a 0reality.
LAMITROOF are the finest tiles from Italian, French, Chinese and Spanish products. Each LAMITROOF brand of tile is manufactured to remain durable while retaining thesame look and feel of tiles which were used two thousand years ago. When you mention LAMITROOF, rest assured that your pet home project gets the kind of personal attention and care that you have always yearned for.